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Roxicodone medications (often called  “roxys”, “roxies” or “blues”) is one of the brand names for oxycodone, a powerful opioid prescribed painkiller. This Roxicodone is prescribed to alleviate pain killer that cannot be managed by non-opioid pain relievers.

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As a potent semi-synthetic opioid derived from morphine 2, Roxicodone 30mg produces effects similar to those of heroin (e.g., sedation and euphoria) especially when misused. While it is extremely effective at reliever severe pain, it also has a high potential for abuse and addiction.

Roxicodone Abuse

This Roxicodone medicines 30mg potency and rapid onset of action make it a popular drug of abuse for those seeking a recreational high. However, it may begin taking the drug out of necessity and become addicted over time. The high risk of developing an addiction is particularly for those who:

Take Roxicodone more frequently or higher quantities than doctor prescribed.

Take Roxicodone in ways other than prescribed, e.g., via injecting or snorting it.

Take the medication recreationally without prescription or take someone else’s prescription.

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Many think you can’t abuse a medicines if it’s been prescribed to you, but this is not the case. Any misuse of a medicines that varies from the prescription may constitute substance abuse.

Abuse of oxycodone containing medicines is surprise common. The only reasons is the sheer volume of oxycodone. A doctor prescriptions for oxycodone exploded with the boom of “pill mills,” at which getting an opiates prescription is exceedingly easy. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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Signs and Symptoms Of Roxicodone Abuse

When roxicodone 30mg medicines is taken as a prescription, its effects will be experienced across a number of important physiologic systems or pathways, including:

The central nervous system(CNS). The substances will alter the doctor perception of pain without actually fix the cause of it. Additionally, it will slow down the breathing rate and reduced a person cough reflex.

The digestive system. This roxicodone will slow the process of food digestion, which can lead to constipation. It may also cause vomiting and nausea for some patients.

The cardiovascular system. The substances will reduced blood pressure and slow the heart pulse rate.

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